Trilobites from the USA


Elrathia kingii Peronopsis interstricta

The listed Trilobites from the USA are from one of the classic sites in Millard County, Utah (near Antelope Springs). Besides the well known Elrathia kingii many other species are found there. Also known are remains of soft body animals. This is why this site can be compared to other lower Cambrian sites like Bugess Shale in Canada.


Peronopsis interstricta (WHITE 1874) - Bild © FossNet FossilienStore

Article: FN 4331
Name: Peronopsis interstricta (WHITE 1874)
Age: Mittelkambrium, Wheeler Formation, Wheeler Shale, approx. 506 Mio. Years
Discovery Site: House Range, Millard County, Utah, USA
Price: EUR 9.50*
Status: sold

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