Fossils from Solnhofen - Ammonites


Neocetoceras Neocetoceras

The ammonites of the solnhofen limestone deposits are the most common fossils from the Chephalopoda family. Belemnites, cuttlefishes and nautiluses also belong to this family, but those are not listed here. The most common ammonites are Neochetoceras sp. and Suplanites sp.. It is interesting that sometimes those ammonites where found with the so called Aptychus. The Aptychus is, according to different scientists, either a part of the mandible (jaw) or a cover lid.


Neochetoceras steraspis (OPPEL 1863) - Bild © FossNet FossilienStore

Article: FN 4603
Name: Neochetoceras steraspis (OPPEL 1863)
Age: Oberjura, Tithonium, Solnhofen-Formation, approx. 146 Mio. Years
Discovery Site: Eichstätt, Bayern, Germany
Price: EUR 18.00*

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