Fossils from Solnhofen - Treuchtlingen


Aulacostephanus Hibolithes

The so called "Treuchtlinger Marmor" (Treuchtling Marble) is, when viewed petro graphically, no marble, but a massive limestone. In the region of the village Treuchtlingen, this material is quarried and used for tiles, stairways and windowsills. In these rocks ammonites and belemnites are preserved. They are cut and polished, and listed in this section. The Treuchtlinger Marmor is not to be mixed up with the Solnhofen limestone, as stratigraphically it is somewhat older and has some other petro graphic differences.


Hibolithes sp. (MONTFORT 1808) - Bild © FossNet FossilienStore

Article: FN 4235
Name: Hibolithes sp. (MONTFORT 1808)
Age: Oberjura, Kimmeridgium, Treuchtlingen-Formation, approx. 149 Mio. Years
Discovery Site: Treuchtlingen, Bayern, Germany
Price: EUR 7.50*
Status: sold

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