Fossils from Solnhofen - Misc


Qualle Pflanze

Here you find fossils from Belemnites, cuttlefish, snails, bivalves, brachiopods, worms and members of the cnidaria phylum. Bivalves are relatively rare, except the oyster Liostrea , also snails and brachiopods are not very common. Known worms are Annelida and leech. Some worms have had a segmented tube where they lived in, and those are sometimes found. Fossil worms with soft tissues are extremely rare. Cnidaria found are jellyfishes and medusa. Here we can see how fantastic the preservation of the fossils of solnhofen are, as even those animals are fossilized here. Beside of all those animals, also plants and sponges (like Phyllothallus) are listed here.



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