Fossils from Solnhofen - Echinoderms


Comaturella Sinosura

The fossil echinoderms from the solnhofen deposits include echinites (fossilized sea urchins), sea cucumbers, crinoids, starfishes and brittle stars. While starfishes are extremely rare also echinites are not very common. Crinoinds like the floating Saccocoma sp. are frequently found. Sometimes they are hundreds of specimens per square meter. This is called "Knopferte Lagen (knob-layers)". Other fossils are brittle starts from Hienheim and Zandt.


Comaturella formosa (WALTHER 1904) - Bild © FossNet FossilienStore

Article: FN 1574
Name: Comaturella formosa (WALTHER 1904)
Age: Oberjura, Tithonium, Solnhofen-Formation, approx. 146 Mio. Years
Discovery Site: Solnhofen, Bayern, Germany
Price: EUR 334.00*
Status: reserved

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